Trade show exhibits come in all shapes and sizes and the same holds true for the many interesting challenges they present to the teams that design and build the environments. The pace can be fast, furious and fun – and Bisco Dental Products is one such client that proves this point.

Bisco Dental Products began as a small boutique-type company and over the years they have enjoyed tremendous growth. To meet the demands of their customers Bisco attends all major dental shows along with a large number of regional shows – a hectic schedule for any sized exhibitor!

They found themselves in need of an exhibit that validated their position as an industry leader. Maintaining their market position while also growing the business through new sales are two of their key objectives for each of their trade shows. Bisco measures their success by the amount of revenue generated during these shows. The current sales models relies heavily on face-to-face encounters making interaction with primary buying groups at shows paramount. MEC quickly recognized the core focus of the booth design would be to optimize the face-to-face opportunities for sales teams and began by planning the perfect space.

The first order of business was to create a setting that had very little barrier for entry and that allowed booth staff to be positioned in a welcoming manner throughout the foot print. Eliminating walls from an exhibit however also means eliminating valuable real estate typically used for corporate branding and key messaging. The solution for this was to create large scale towers which are situated directly in the center of the environment. Additionally the structures were fashioned in two sections allowing for flexibility when exhibiting at shows with lower height requirements.