Trends and designs can be monitored by reviewing “Shutterstock,” and here is what the New York based company predicts will be hot in 2019.

The 80’s were a time everyone remembers for one reason or another. Whether it was the slap bracelet, an After School Special, perhaps the original Teddy Ruxpin or maybe it was just jammin’ out while listening to your walkman, there is no denying the 80’s was a magical time. From the music to the fashion, the 80’s stands apart from the rest.

Remember those vibrant animal prints? Clashing color patterns mixed with gold details and accessories? Steven Tyler’s feather earrings? Well, so do we…

“Shutterstock” dubbed the trend as “80’s Opulence.” This style incorporates all of those features and then some. Leopard prints and snake skin patterns stick out like sore thumbs. The word “clash” is the main focal point in this colorful dose of nostalgia. The 80’s come back to life in its true neon colors, so forget style and matching tones and start remembering to let the good times roll.

What does this entail for Trade Show designs? Think bold and neon for your next exhibit, but if those don’t bring back the 80’s for your exhibit try snakeskin and leather. Either way, we are loving the “80’s Opulence.”

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