Trends and designs can be monitored by reviewing “Shutterstock,” and here is what the New York based company predicts will be hot in 2019.

Imagine the 1982 movie “Tron,” what do you picture? Do futuristic vehicles, sleek outfits, heavy blue synth-wave color patterns or maybe even light bikes come to mind? If so, then you are imagining a world called “Yesterday’s Tomorrow.”

“Yesterday’s Tomorrow”  is a style defined by futurism cohesively blending with today’s digital technology. In this trend, the use of the duo-tone blue and purple gradients heavily saturate the background as a foundation for everything else. Synth-wave landscapes can be used to create an atmosphere that brings elements of the outside world down into earth. Electronic music can be incorporated, as well, to help embody the color scheme and neon lighting details. Glowing edges help to create defining images and lines which stand out brightly against the deeper colors on the background. Duo-tone gradients remain a key aspect in this design, so do not be afraid to mix colors together in order to bring about an aura of how bright the future can be.

This trend has a youthful feel to it and is more popular among younger generations. If you want an exhibit that says “We look forward to the future,” then “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” is the design for you.

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