The exact definition of a virtual trade show remains unclear. Some companies are choosing to host short informational webinars, while others are introducing multi-day live-stream conferences.

There is no one right way to host a virtual event, and the more creative your ideas are, the better. But how can you bring those ideas to life?

To ensure your event provider can meet your expectations, you should ask a few questions:

1) How can they incorporate your brand into a virtual environment?

Some ideas include on-screen graphics, logoed apparel for presenters, and branded equipment.

2) How will show metrics be collected and tracked?

Marketers will want to know how the virtual show impacted their goals. Providers can help determine which metrics are trackable both during and after the show.

3) Will they be able to provide technical support?

Should any technical issues arise, skilled producers can troubleshoot and get the show back on track quickly.

4) How will attendees interact with presenters and generate revenue?

Virtual event providers can offer solutions such as e-commerce, online chat, and social media features.

Be sure to also get examples of previous digital events they have produced and what strategies made them successful.

If you are considering attending a virtual trade show, MEC can help you navigate this new process.  Contact MEC at 800-456-8818 or for assistance in selecting the services that are right for your show.