MEC was recently a featured exhibitor/ key sponsor at the Lewis University Annual Career Expo. The expo is one of several important events sponsored by the Career Services Department at Lewis and one that students say is an important stepping stone for them as they are preparing to graduate.

Laura Paley, Employment Outreach and Development Coordinator explains. “This is our largest annual career event, where we provide opportunities for our top employers to network with hundreds of students for internships and jobs. This year we were fortunate to have MEC sign on as a featured Affiliate Sponsor.”

The event features over 90 businesses and often has a waiting list to exhibit. Laura and her department require all participating students be prepared with updated resumes, are dressed professionally, have conducted research and are ready with questions for the companies they are interested in. MEC owner Brian Phebus and MEC President Tom Bacha agreed that particular element is one of the things they liked most about the event. Tom stated; “The preparedness of the students is most impressive and we are finding numerous potential candidates for our internships and also for full-time positions.” Brian added; “Our partnership with Lewis is important to us. This is one of the ways we support the college as we share in their vision to support and grow local businesses. In turn as an Affiliate Sponsor of this event, we gain access to applicants that are poised to be part of our organizations growth.”

Laura concluded that “The MEC team (and, of course, their exhibit!) brought a new level of energy and professionalism to the Expo. We look forward to continuing our partnership with MEC in the coming year.”