The votes are in and MEC did a beer tasting for McCormick’s new ale: McCormick Place Everyday Ale.

Recently, the convention center launched their beverage with a partnership with BrickStone Brewery. They established an “Everyday Ale” using ingredients around the Chicagoland area. Currently, the line was released into the local liquor stores around the Chicagoland area. So fear no more if you weren’t able to try the brew at the Auto Show! Now you can go into select Jewel Osco’s, Binny’s and Berkot’s.

Here’s what the team decided…

The taste was very Estery. For most of you beer rookies like myself, (before printing out a Beer Scoresheet) Estery is an aroma / flavor of any fruits, roses, or fruit flavorings. Now, the brew didn’t smell like roses (or taste) but it did smell and taste fruity! It was a light beer with a little carbonation feel to it. Even our non-beer drinkers found the drink to be pleasant.

Our favorite part was by far the can! It’s beautiful colors brought the whole tasting together. If you didn’t know, McCormick Place Everyday Ale won an award for best can design.

What was the MEC rating? From Problematic to Outstanding, the MEC rated the brew an Excellent!

Takeaway? If you are a tradeshow manager, exhibit house or a union worker working in McCormick Place and you want to feel the wonderful taste of tradeshow…go buy this ale!