Where do you stay when you visit McCormick Place for a tradeshow? Do you stay at the Marriott Marquis? Have you ever heard of The American Book Company?

In 1912, the five-story brick factory was built to hold the offices, distribution center and the warehouse to the established New York company, The American Book Company. As the years went by, the company grew, bringing in more revenue for the city. Printing and publishing became a big player in the cities’ manufacturing and it is still a big factor in our history today. Printing became a successful industry for Chicago and helped the city thrive.

However, the American Book Company’s building was in trouble; the location of where the building was had serious debates between demolishing crews. The historic building was going to be destroyed, a landmark of the city.

You’re probably reading this and wondering “How does the Marriott Marquis fit into this?” Well, the Marquis is connected to the historic building, reusing the inside structure for 29 meeting rooms while still preserving the history within.

The next time you are in town for a tradeshow, stay at the Marriott and see the blend of old and new.








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