Lighting is your exhibit’s most important design element.

It creates a sense of drama around your booth and draws visitors’ attention to your product. It can even have a profound impact on attendees’ mood and influence their perception of your company.

High-power LED white lights are growing in popularity over traditional incandescent lightbulbs due to LEDs’ cost and energy saving capabilities.

There is a wide variety of white lights, determined by their color temperature. Warm white has a yellowish hue, which creates a cozy, soothing, or romantic atmosphere. Cool white is bluer and closer to daylight, which increases happy and energetic feelings.

You may be familiar with lighting for in-person shows, but have you thought about how lighting affects your appearance during a virtual trade show? There are several quick fixes you can implement to look your best and stand out from the rest!

  • Straight-on lighting is best. For presenters, consider ring lights, which reduce shadows and offer a naturally balanced light source.
  • Avoid harsh overhead or side lighting.
  • Position your light source in front of you, not behind.
  • Use multiple light sources from different angles for balance.

Whether you’re showing virtually or in person, contact MEC at or 800-459-8818 for further assistance with your lighting setup. MEC can help present your business in the best light.