If you haven’t checked out our first article in this series, it is all about Baby Boomers and the tradeshow world. I would suggest reading that before continuing onto Generation X to understand the first generation!

Generation X: Born between 1965-1984

The forgotten generation that marketers tend to pay no attention to. Generation X, let’s face it, they are not the newest high-tech generation and they are not the generation that are the biggest. But they are going to be the new leaders as the baby boomers start to retire from the work force and they are going to be the one’s holding the purchasing power for their companies. These exhibit attendees value connection more than the sale itself, they want to be recognized as an individual more than just another lead to put down on your clipboard. The unique opportunity that stems from X is that they were born at the tail end of the baby boomers and at the beginning of the Millennials…which means they are either loving the new tech opportunities or hating it.

  Talent2 is a rental design that works with Generation X. You have your reception counter with information for your sales consultant to hand out and discuss one on one with the attendee. There is a seating area where the attendees can either listen to a sales consultant discuss their service or a video about the service. And then, there is a conference room set up for a member from Generation X to have a one on one conference away from the noisy and busy tradeshow where your sales consultant can discuss more in depth about the product and/or service.

Look for our next blog on Millennials and the tradeshow industry next week Tuesday!