Check out our first three articles on Generation X, Millennials & Baby Boomers before reading!

Dawn is the perfect example of how to target all three. With the double deck, attendees can ascend the staircase leading to the conference room where they are able to have a one on one meeting with the sales consultant about the product and how it will benefit their company in the long run. The “WOW” factor is there with the large Dawn logo’s that can be seen from both sides of the booth and the multiple kiosks; the front of the booth looks like a sophisticated cafĂ© you can see all the different products dawn has to offer. Lastly, the back of the booth shows off one of their brands with a restaurant feel where attendees can sit down and watch the informational screens. Located on each corner of the floor space, Dawn has decided to go with a kiosk that demonstrates the different products they sell. You can have your sales force located at each one of these corners as well as the back and front of the booth; giving more face to face time for Generation X and the Baby Boomers and more displays for the Millennials to spend time looking at. This booth is the perfect “Compliment Sandwich” to increasing leads and generating more traffic to your exhibit booth.

In the end, we all want to increase revenue and brand awareness so let’s not forget the generations that can help lead our companies there.