Trade shows, expos, conventions…however you say it, everyone shows up with their perfectly (or not so perfectly) designed booths to try and generate more leads and brand awareness. From shinning lights to large towers, an expo has it all. But the question is: how do you target the three generations that are attending these shows? From baby boomers to millennials, the generational gap is starting to become pretty obvious.

Baby Boomers: Born between 1946-1964

This is the generation that is either running the market or are retiring from it. The most experienced and dedicated in the workforce today. Targeting these consumers at tradeshows means more one on one time as well as being walked through the product and/or service. Baby Boomers are looking at the bigger picture: How will the product help in the future? How will their company benefit with that product? Focus on customer service and answering these questions. A genuine conversation about the product or service is better than the sales pitch you wrote and memorized on the ride over to the expo. At the end of the day, this generation has heard more sales pitches than they would like.

The CSI 10×20 booth is a good example of how to target to this generation. It is a simple concept with a counter in place for the companies sales consultants to stand at and discuss the product with the attendees one on one as well as giving an opportunity to show the attendees the products and walk them through how to use it. Another plus for this booth, the panel above the product shows what the client will gain by using this product in the future.



Keep an eye out for our next article regarding Generation X and Tradeshows in this series that should be coming out Friday!