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Millennials: Born between 1985-1995(2000)

This is the generation that enjoys their displays, their demonstrations and their electronics. Cut out that one on one time and put more effort into the creativity of the booth. These attendees are introducing themselves to the workforce and will be sticking around for forty years and they are more about brand loyalty. Millennials enjoy more lights, colors and sizes of booths. They want that “WOW” factor that will make your product and booth more memorable for them.

Tootsie Roll has a booth with the perfect “WOW” factor millennials are looking for. The Tootsie Roll hanging sign alone provides this with a replica of the famous candy almost the size of a minivan. The television displays located in the middle of the back and front of the booth let the attendees know more about the candy company while the displays are stocked full of candy that every adult would feel like a “kid in a candy store”.

But the question remains…how do you target all three of these generations and make your booth a “compliment sandwich” that appeals to all??? Let’s take a look at a booth that was displayed at Sweets and Treats created by MEC.

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