It’s that time of year again…where the beach chairs are replaced with office chairs. The sun tans are no more. Start preparing folks because it’s everyone’s favorite time of the year! Winter. Is. Here…and so is Expo season! Time for everyone to start preparing on sales pitches, booth sizes and contacting those leads.

But what do you do when it’s your first time at a Tradeshow??? Do you know what to wear? Where to be? Or if you’re a company, who to bring???

Ladies and gentlemen fasten your seat belts and get ready to explore the tradeshow world with our blog series: “The Exhibitor’s Guide to Tradeshows”. Where we will show you how exhibits are set up on the show room floor, rules and regulations, what to wear, who to bring and SO MUCH MORE! Are you ready? I’m ready. 

Check us out next week and begin this wonderful journey with us here at MEC!


(For the Generation X and one Baby Boomer in our office it is Fall, the term “Winter. Is. Here” is a play on words from a popular television series.)