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How to Select a Virtual Event Provider

The exact definition of a virtual trade show remains unclear. Some companies are choosing to host short informational webinars, while others are introducing multi-day live-stream conferences. There is no one right way to host a virtual event, and the more creative your ideas are, the better. But how can you bring those ideas to life? To ensure your event provider can meet your expectations, you should ask a few questions: 1) How can they incorporate your brand into a virtual environment? Some ideas include on-screen graphics, logoed apparel for presenters, and branded equipment. 2) How will show metrics be collected…


Lights, Camera, Trade Show!

Lighting is your exhibit’s most important design element. It creates a sense of drama around your booth and draws visitors’ attention to your product. It can even have a profound impact on attendees’ mood and influence their perception of your company. High-power LED white lights are growing in popularity over traditional incandescent lightbulbs due to LEDs’ cost and energy saving capabilities. There is a wide variety of white lights, determined by their color temperature. Warm white has a yellowish hue, which creates a cozy, soothing, or romantic atmosphere. Cool white is bluer and closer to daylight, which increases happy and…


What Does a Virtual Trade Show Mean to YOU?

To comply with recent federal/local health and safety guidelines, several 2020 trade shows have made the transition from in-person to virtual. Even post-pandemic, conventions scheduled for 2021 and beyond may still include virtual components to enhance the trade show experience. Such conferences such as United Fresh Live and IBEC have recently hosted successful live-streams. These online presentations provided the benefits of a large convention from the safety of a screen. Attendees were still able to network with presenters, view product demonstrations, ask questions, and participate in educational seminars. There is no one size fits all when it comes to hosting…


GBAC Accreditation Helps Trade Shows Reopen Safely

GBAC (Global Biorisk Advisory Council) recently revealed the GBAC STAR accreditation program to reduce public facilities’ risks associated with infectious viruses. As a Division of ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association), GBAC’s network of experts and certified partners have years of experience in biosafety support. The GBAC STAR program encourages facilities to create and maintain an effective cleaning and disinfection program integrated within their organization. Upon completing an online application including proper documentation and evidence, GBAC’s accreditation council will identify compliance with the program’s elements. Such elements include implementing emergency response measures, providing personal protective equipment and staff training programs, and…


Time it Out! – An Exhibitors Timeline for Your Next Show

Wondering when you should start planning for your next show? Below we have outlined where you should be in your planning process and what to look forward to in the months to come. 12 Months Out – Decide on the approach, such as the amount of space needed, type of exhibit, etc. – Initiate contact with show management – Reserve Space – Choose contractors – Plan budget – Make hotel/travel reservations (or at least decide where your team will stay) – Reserve special indoor/outdoor advertising spaces 9 Months Out – Design the exhibit structure – Obtain show management approval of…


Kawaii – Trends and Designs of 2019 Series

Japanese culture has been on the rise in popularity here in the United Stated for many reasons and in many forms, one of them being “kawaii.” The Japanese word is best translated to English as “cuteness” and has grown recently into a national phenomenon and trend. When you think “Kawaii,” you should be thinking bright, colorful, and of course, cute. Anime cartoons and characters are best for exemplifying the “kawaii” movement with their facial expressions, clothing styles and general features. Think of how cute most Pokemon characters and creatures are. Take Pikachu for example; bright yellow, red and black features…


Trends and Designs of 2019 Series – Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Trends and designs can be monitored by reviewing “Shutterstock,” and here is what the New York based company predicts will be hot in 2019. Imagine the 1982 movie “Tron,” what do you picture? Do futuristic vehicles, sleek outfits, heavy blue synth-wave color patterns or maybe even light bikes come to mind? If so, then you are imagining a world called “Yesterday’s Tomorrow.” “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”  is a style defined by futurism cohesively blending with today’s digital technology. In this trend, the use of the duo-tone blue and purple gradients heavily saturate the background as a foundation for everything else. Synth-wave landscapes…


Creative Tips to Increase Booth Foot Traffic

When attendees and visitors take their first step onto the trade show floor, they are instantly hit with an enormous amount of visual and informational stimulation. Take the Chicago Auto Show for example, which is taking place this year from February 9th through the 18th. Car manufacturers from around the globe come together for the 10 day event to show off their latest and greatest automobile and technological creations. But what sets their booths apart from others? Take Jeep for example; every year, Jeep hosts one of the most interactive sets by allowing attendees to be passengers in a wide…


Drone Marketing – Do’s and Dont’s

We were just as excited as everyone else when the temperature here in Chicago had risen from negative 20 degrees to positive 10 degrees, which felt like a summer heatwave. So, naturally, we wanted to spend a little time outside enjoying the beautiful weather, and what better way to do so than by knocking of something that’s been on our marketing initiative list for a long time now; video drone marketing. There is no denying the rising popularity of drone usage in the recent years, as they are quite multifaceted; delivering your online orders, capturing cinematic footage once considered unattainable…


Trends and Designs of 2019 Series – 80’s Opulence

Trends and designs can be monitored by reviewing “Shutterstock,” and here is what the New York based company predicts will be hot in 2019. The 80’s were a time everyone remembers for one reason or another. Whether it was the slap bracelet, an After School Special, perhaps the original Teddy Ruxpin or maybe it was just jammin’ out while listening to your walkman, there is no denying the 80’s was a magical time. From the music to the fashion, the 80’s stands apart from the rest. Remember those vibrant animal prints? Clashing color patterns mixed with gold details and accessories?…


Trends and Designs of 2019 Series – Zine

Trends are monitored by MEC’s designers regularly by reviewing “Shutterstock,” and here is what the New York based company predicts will be hot in 2019. “Zine” is one of the many styles artists and designers should keep in mind when creating their next piece. “Zine” combines multiple layers in technicolor with cutout textures to give a photocopy-crop artwork design. These unique features help raw images and patterns stand out more distinctly among its digital age, more sleek opponents. Cat heads on people’s bodies – what could possibly turn more heads than this? For a full list of trends listed by…


McCormick Place Series: Wintrust Arena

  Want to take some time off after walking around the trade show floor all day? Maybe you have a night to spare and you don’t feel like going out to drink or a sit-down restaurant… Check out the Wintrust Arena, home to the Chicago Sky, DePaul Blue Demons Men and Women’s Basketball teams, as well as special events. Wintrust is in the heart of the action, right in the middle of McCormick Square. This makes it accessible for anyone going to a trade show at McCormick Place. The Wintrust was opened October 14th, 2017. Making this stadium still relatively…


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