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McCormick Place Series: Wintrust Arena

  Want to take some time off after walking around the trade show floor all day? Maybe you have a night to spare and you don’t feel like going out to drink or a sit-down restaurant… Check out the Wintrust Arena, home to the Chicago Sky, DePaul Blue Demons Men and Women’s Basketball teams, as well as special events. Wintrust is in the heart of the action, right in the middle of McCormick Square. This makes it accessible for anyone going to a trade show at McCormick Place. The Wintrust was opened October 14th, 2017. Making this stadium still relatively…


Making & Saving History

  Where do you stay when you visit McCormick Place for a tradeshow? Do you stay at the Marriott Marquis? Have you ever heard of The American Book Company? In 1912, the five-story brick factory was built to hold the offices, distribution center and the warehouse to the established New York company, The American Book Company. As the years went by, the company grew, bringing in more revenue for the city. Printing and publishing became a big player in the cities’ manufacturing and it is still a big factor in our history today. Printing became a successful industry for Chicago…


Not Just Another Blog About McCormick Place

If you are reading this, you more than likely know about what McCormick Place is and you probably know where it is…so we’re not going to talk about that AGAIN. However, perhaps you haven’t been there in a while. In this blog we are going to introduce you to the “what to do and where to go” when traveling to McCormick Place for a convention / tradeshow. McCormick Place is home to two hotels…and soon to be home to another… Hyatt Regency McCormick Place Marriott Marquis Chicago Hilton (The Hilton is set to open at the end of 2018) Why…


McCormick Place Everyday Ale

The votes are in and MEC did a beer tasting for McCormick’s new ale: McCormick Place Everyday Ale. Recently, the convention center launched their beverage with a partnership with BrickStone Brewery. They established an “Everyday Ale” using ingredients around the Chicagoland area. Currently, the line was released into the local liquor stores around the Chicagoland area. So fear no more if you weren’t able to try the brew at the Auto Show! Now you can go into select Jewel Osco’s, Binny’s and Berkot’s. Here’s what the team decided… The taste was very Estery. For most of you beer rookies like…


Tradeshow Safety & Preparation: Booth Safety

Follow the fire codes and regulations of the convention hall! We all want the glitz and glam at tradeshows, our booth to stand out above everyone else’s. But with great exhibits comes great responsibility. Ensuring safety for both the staff as well as the attendees visiting the exhibit. Make sure: 1. Power cords are neatly tucked away because they are tripping hazards. Try keeping the chords at the back of the booth or underneath tables. 2.  Provide a first aid kit. This gives your guests as well as employees the access to gaze, Band-Aids, gloves and much more. Accidents happen…


Tradeshow Safety & Preparation: Identification

Hi My Name Is… Convention halls are already trying to add an extra layer of security for attendees as well as exhibitors. You need more security passes, badges, pins, wrist bands, etc. than ever before. Which is a great thing for the people attending the shows. But be cautious of when you wear those badges with your identification on them. You are giving away a lot of personal information to people waiting to take your identity. All it takes is one nice picture and thieves have your name, company you currently work for, address and phone number. Imagine walking around…


Tradeshow Safety & Preparation: Travel Buddy Procedures

Traveling in groups is safer than traveling alone Robbers like to target people who look like tourist as well as traveling by themselves. More than likely you will be accompanied by a large group of people while traveling to tradeshows and even if you’re not accompanied by a large group you will usually have one to three other people with you. Pair up with your team so that everyone will always be with another person at all times. Here’s why: 1. Someone will know where you are at, at all times of the day. 2. It is safer to have…


Tradeshow Safety & Preparation: Exit Strategies for your Staff & Attendees

Go over the convention hall’s floor plans With everything going on around us involving threats and destruction, it is best to always know an exit plan. Located on the right are two pictures of McCormick Place located in Chicago, IL. You can find a convention hall’s floor plan usually underneath Facility Overview and then by clicking Floor Plans. Utilize the show packets the halls give you after purchasing your booth space. Sit down with your team and draw out the emergency exits, fire escapes as well as where to go when there is a tornado.    After creating the map…


Tradeshow Safety & Preparation: What (NOT) to Wear

If it is your first time attending a trade show, let me break it down for you on the Do’s and Don’ts of what to wear.   Do: Wear comfortable shoes. For Example: Tennis Shoes, Boots…Anything closed toe. You’re going to be on your feet the whole time, might as well be comfortable! Wear comfortable clothes during Show Set Up & Take Down Bring a backpack Wear layers! During the show set up and take down, depending on the weather, it can become very hot or very cold in the hall. Layer up, if you are warm you can take…


Tradeshow Safty & Preparation: Show Set UP & Take Down Hazards

The most dangerous time for unexperienced employees We all wish exhibits can grow over night without any mess or any safety hazards. If it is your first time your company is going to a tradeshow watch out for the show set up and take down. This is one of the most dangerous parts of the show and here’s why: Forklifts Watch out where you’re walking! You could get hit by one of these machines and lights out for the rest of the day. We don’t want you to be injured before the show and most importantly, your company does not…


Tradeshow Safety & Preparation: Hotel Accommodations & Safety Precautions

This is where you will be sleeping; make sure it’s safe Hotels can be great! They always have perfectly comfortable beds and pillows that you wish you could take home as well as all those mini soaps…but what’s not perfect is the possible dangers of staying in a hotel. While staying at a hotel make sure to follow these tips so that you can be prepared for your next tradeshow with little worrying: 1. When checking into your room, make sure the person at the front desk won’t direct any calls to your room phone. Try calling your hotel with…


Tradeshow Safety & Preparation: Weather Forecast

Check the weather and check it twice, you never know what can happen Depending where your company is going for the show, weather can play a big part in safety. Whether it be while you are traveling by plane, car or train, the weather can affect your time of arrival as well as travel conditions. Tray emailing out the week before the scheduled show to your employees that will be attending what the weather is. This will help: 1. Plan Transportation 2. Plan what to bring 3. Plan when to leave You never know what’s going to happen but forecast…


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