At MEC, we believe that exhibits should provide an environment that allows our clients to engage, interact, and inform their attendees in a way that best fits their exhibit marketing strategy, while at the same time adhering to their branding guidelines.

Your goals are our priority. Our full service design department uses creativity and experience to find ways to bring your visions to life, while adhering to the show rules, restrictions, physics, and budgets.

We also specialize in post-video production, graphic creation, web development, and interactive touchscreen presentations.
Our rental program and properties are constantly growing. Whether you need a solution just for a show or two, or want a new look every year, or just want to most effectively stretch the budget. Renting is often the best strategy and we are here to make it easy and successful.
Check out our Rental Portfolio link below and see what we have done for our existing clients and can do for you soon!
We have a full custom fabrication facility and a very capable team of builders that can handle pretty much anything. Our production and fabrication departments work hand in hand in creating all the different elements that make up an exhibit. Wood, metal, fabric, lights, etc..

We offer a wide range of services for fabrication:
• Custom Fabrication
• Large Scale Digital Printing
• Fabric Integration
• Laminating
• Lighting
• Maintenance
• Metal Working
• Specialized Painting & Finishing
• Structural Certification
MEC offers in-house graphic design, production, and printing services because it is economic for you and allows us to manage quality control. We work directly with your team to produce visual images that will captivate your audience and convey your message in an exciting manner. MEC will not release any graphics until your objectives have been met to your complete satisfaction and our demand for a superior standard of quality.
With extraordinarily high print resolutions, our photorealistic printing for indoor and outdoor applications include uncoated rigid media such as corrugated boards, rigid plastics, exhibition panels, stage graphics and advertising panels, as well as roll media such as film, vinyl and paper, canvas and banners.
We have a dedicated and a very experienced team that works with you to manage and stay on top of all your exhibit properties, assets, and logistics.

We offer the following services to all of our clients:
• Online Inventory & Order System
• Account Management
• Program Management
• Logistics Planning
• Field Management including Labor and Dedicated Supervision
• Asset Management
• Graphic Management
• Construction Drawings
• Engineering Drawings
• Show Services
• Estimating
• Exhibit Maintenance
As an MEC client, your program is administered on site by your dedicated supervisors. They are accomplished professionals trained to get you in and out of shows with the least amount of stress. They will be there strictly for your company and your efforts as the program’s leader.

MEC’s dedicated supervisors generally manage the “pull and prep” of your project in our shop whenever possible. This helps maintain their level of intimacy with your structure, knowing and understanding its abilities and limitations and keeping track of needed or finished repairs.
With our climate controlled storage facilities we can offer ample and competitively priced storage space to all our clients. Being located less than 30 miles from McCormick place this is a great asset when exhibiting in Chicago. Our shipping and warehouse team will make sure all your properties are packed right and get out on time!